Thursday, August 28, 2014


Talking to someone and being fully involved with them needs energy.
You need to be aware of their presence, you follow their daily minor routine, and you ask about the smallest flicker of their emotions.
Social media is exhausting. For it forces you to build too many connections.
You try to click with people in an instant, you try so hard to connect that you allow your energy to seep away from you.
You are so afraid of being left out so you follow every trend, contribute in every hashtag, and comment on all the major events.
We have been blinded to the real life and the real connection. We replaced real facial expressions with emogies, warm hugs to virtual ones and real compassion to LOL.
I'm aware that we have been in that unreal personal space for so long that we forgot to notice our own. All what it matters now is your wall paper, which filter to choose and how the hell would you construct your thoughts in 140 or less characters.
I'm afraid that we'll forget to communicate because all what we focus on is how many likes and comments we're getting.
That ego boost a follow gives us is intoxicating. So addictive to the point that we replaced it with being present.
It's easier to feel loved and envied from behind a screen. The real world has no protection. No block or delete buttons. You would have to actually face the situation and deal with it yourself.
You can't fake being rich, you have to work to get rich.
You can't practice specific lines to perfection, you have to be spontaneous. In a word, you have to be real.
And real might be scary. But the harsh edge of the truth is always rewarding.
Being admired for your efforts taste like honey, and being loved for your flaws is perfection.
An online connecting every now and then is fine as long as we still exist in the moment.
Be yourself.

And be real.